Celebrities Most Expensive Purchases at Celebritynetworth.wiki

When you are a celebrity with an endless flow of money, affording the luxuries in life is simple. Buying the best of the best in every category is simple, and what isn’t purchased is usually thrown at them by companies who simply want them seen with their product. But sometimes even celebrities get a little crazy with the money they spend, and we will share with you some examples of such behavior below. If you want to know more about celebrities and their money, there is a slew of information found at celebritynetworth.wiki. it is all free to read, and lots of fun and entertainment, so why not? Now, without further ado, here’s some of those purchases that make most of us shake our heads.

Cowboy Hat Plane Ticket

Bono is not one to act reckless with his important possessions, and so, when he needed to fly with a very special hat, he had no hesitations spending nearly 2 grand for a ticket just for the hat. The $1,700 was money well spent in this musician’s eyes.

Ghost Detector


Who would purchase a ghost detector with a price tag of $50,000? That’d be none other than Lady Gaga, a talented singer who is also a bit on the eccentric side. The ghost detector was purchased because she believes there are ghosts out to get her.

A Golden Bathtub

What’s the most expensive bath tub you’ve ever purchased for your home? If you are Mike Tyson, the answer is two million, the price he paid for an immaculate golden bath tub given to ex-wife Robin Givens.

Nike Shoes

In 2011, Tinie Tempah purchased the Nike MAG shoes. No big deal, right? Wrong. These aren’t ordinary shoes because they had a price tag of $37,500. These shoes were the shoes worn by Marty McFly in the Back to the Future Movies, hence the price.

A Foosball Machine

Charlie Sheen is no stranger to spending money quiet carelessly. As proven in 2011 when the actor purchase a foosball table. But this wasn’t just any foosball table, but instead customized with Barbie’s. For this custom product, sheen paid a whopping $25,000!

A Barbie World

Another Barbie incident, this one committed by Beyoncé. The mother of Blue Ivy, R&B diva, and wife of Jay Z purchased a very special Barbie for her precious bundle of joy. This Barbie doll costed $85,000.

A Horse Thing

Speaking of Bey, Jay z isn’t a stranger to big purchases. He’s made many of them over the years. He recently purchased a horse that set him back $55 million. And you thought your horse was expensive!

What kind of crazy purchases have you made in the past? Although they might’ve been on the wild side, they were certainly nothing like these purchases made by celebrities! And, this list is just the start of the crazy and expensive purchases that celebrities have made. Talk about not caring how you spend your money when you have so much of it to go around!